Wish List – Tangle Teezer


A Tease or the Truth???? For the last few weeks this product has been all the craze on the natural hair blogs, websites, and a favorite of many YouTube Vloggers. Often when a new product is introduced to the public I am overly curious to find out if it delivers as promised. Well Curlies, I am [...]

Because We All Need A Little…


Inspiration What does a curly girl do when they are down, frustrated, all out of ideas, or just burned out when it comes to their natural hair? You head over to LeCoil of course, a Natural Gals heaven for Curl and Texture inspired photographs. I get so excited when I see FLY Naturals and this site is filled [...]

Another Year


Hello again guys. Not only was January 29th a very special day because it marked the day of my very 1st post to my Blog…but its also is my Mothers 21st B-Day. LOL. She would have a fit if I put her real age. Love you Mum. ♥ My Mom is such a  special part of my [...]

New Things…


Hello to all and thank you guys for stopping by my Blog. This is my very first post and I feel that it would only be right to describe what I plan to actually accomplish with this website. For starters, I’ve wanted a Blog/Website for quite some time now. I pondered on the idea months [...]