Shea Moisture Sale


If you lovely ladies are following me on Twitter you know I went nuts in Walgreens yesterday. There is a sale going on at Walgreens which is offering Shea Moisture products at 9.99 and its Buy One Get One FREE!!!!! Yes you read right, FREE! The sale is set to last until April 2nd. Now I’m not sure [...]

Sweet Fantasies


Last week my little sis Alex and I stumbled upon a very small Mexican Bakery in the Pilsen area here in Chicago. Of course we wanted to check it out and our sweet tooth led the way. This bakery was filled with just about any treat you can think of from American favorites to the [...]

Just The Two Of Us


Random weekend out and about with my little sis Alex. This chick is a trip and a half and we always have such a good time hanging out and spending some sister time when she’s home from school. On this day we did a little bit of everything around the city on a mission to pick [...]

How Cute Are They?!?!?!


When I see cute little kids rocking their gorgeous hair it sort of just warms my heart. I’ll be sure to do a few posts on the young ones soon and how they can be fly in their own right. Stay Tuned.