Twas The Night Before…


Well sort of.. I’m up finishing packing and getting prepared to leave in a few hours to head to the airport. Getting up at 3:30 AM is insane and I can’t come to grips with leaving so early. Maybe that’s why I am still up past midnight. Yea…Ill regret this tomorrow…but I’m sure my energy [...]

Twisted Up


I am just about exhausted with excitement in preparing for The Monroe Sisters ATL Meet Up!!! Its been a busy last few weeks as I’ve taken on major responsibilities and put a few things in place. Most importantly in less than 48 hrs my sister, MsVaughn and I will be wrapping up our event and [...]

Update and Easter Eggs


Hello Curlies, I do apologize for being away. I have been extremely busy with a few things. For one my sister and I are wrapping up the finishing touches on our event on April 28th!!!!! The Monroe Sisters Meet and Greet is this week on Thursday and I am past excited. For those of you [...]

Two Is Better Than One


How many of you went Natural and a few or our friends decided to give it a try once they saw your results? How many of you have that dope friend that when you guys go out together its like a walking Done from person Graham 4 carteret payday loan 6 does looking question Trail [...]



Hey ladies, If you are a fashion fiend like myself you will definitely enjoy what I am about to share. In addition to sharing a fashion lovers past time I am also coming to you all asking for a bit of assistance. I have a really good friend that is an amazing designer! He designed a complete line [...]