Drop DEAD Gorgeous


Halloween has to be one of my favorite times of the year. You can get dressed up and transform into just about anything. This Halloween my sisters and I wanted to all get together and have a little spooky fun. We met up at Vaughn’s place for a night to remember. Whats Halloween without the [...]

Fashion Night Out – Garic Stephens


This past weekend I was invited to view the Fall line of a very talented friend of mine. His name is Garic Stephens, a Chicago Implant that is certainly making his mark in the Windy City. You guys may have seen me talk about him on my Blog HERE and if you follow me on [...]

Photo Sharing Time


Hey Dolls, Wanted to share with you all a few photos that my sis MsVaughn and I took from a recent shoot that I talked about HERE. We had an amazing time shooting with the ever so talented Tony Smith of Love Lace Photography. I can’t wait until the next time I’m in front of [...]

Top 10 Tips For Thrifting


Hey Dolls! If there’s one thing I love its talking about natural hair AND one of my fav things to do…shop! Not just any type of shopping but thrifting. I’ve had tons of requests to share some of my secrets and information on how I pick up amazing pieces for fractions of the cost. Check [...]

Soup Time


My current diet calls for tasty and inexpensive options to keep things fresh and fun for me while omitting meat for the month. I’m a huge “foodie” and must switch things up and try different things to be satisfied. One random day I decided to put together a take on one of my fav soups [...]