Curls For A Cause


Hello Curlies! I am excited to share this information on an upcoming event my sister and I are scheduled to speak at. Curls for A Cause is a Natural Hair Fundraiser held in Hampton Virginia presented by Naturally Glam LLC. This year will be the organizations 2nd Annual event and there are a ton of [...]

Beauty Favs!!!

I’ve had such fun recently playing around with makeup and trying different things with my skin care regimen and fun/flirty makeup looks. I’ve received quite a few questions as of late regarding what type of foundation I use, mascara, concealer and moisturizers. Well…here are a few of my current products and brands that give me [...]

NEW Video: Roll & Tuck


Hey guys…if you follow me on Instagram or my FaceBook FanPage then I’m sure you came across this picture that I posted a few days ago. I received so many compliments and requests for a hair tutorial from so many lovely ladies. So…I filmed a tutorial to help those that are looking for a quick and [...]

Quick Saucy Dinner Idea


If there is one thing I love more than eating good is eating good on a budget and being able to prepare a tasty meal quickly. I’ve recently put a bit of energy into my meals decreasing my poultry and seafood intake to try fresher items and meat substitutes. While in Trader Joe’s I stumbled [...]