All About Meechy



Her name is Tameka, but her subscribers call her MeechyMonroe.

MeechyMonroe, born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, is a breath of fresh air in the Natural Hair Community. She believes, largely, that there has been an overwhelming lack in availability of information and knowledge regarding Natural Hair Care in Black communities. Essentially, this has been her principal motivating factor for pursuing an online presence that anyone, anywhere can access. In just a few short months she found her place, quite quickly, among some of the most popular and influential Natural Hair Vloggers present today. MeechyMonroe has achieved a viral presence on YouTube as a self-proclaimed Natural Hair Enthusiast, boasting well over 40,000 subscribers who tune-in regularly to view her new Hairstyle and Fashion ideas. In January of 2011, MeechyMonroe made her transition to the Blogger population when she launched, a website for sharing her ideas of, not only, Natural Hair Care & Styling, but also Fashion + Beauty, Nutrition, Photography, Health and Lifestyle!

MeechyMonroe was first introduced to the world of Fashion as a member, then eventually a head coordinator, of “Vanity,” a collegiate modeling organization, at Southern Illinois University; where she attended and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Business. Meechy’s passion for Beauty and Self-Love Concepts were honed after she made the decision to discard her chemically-relaxed hair portions (also known as “The Big Chop”) in July of 2009. Throughout this decision-making process, admittedly, much of her strength and influence was inherited, primarily, from the likes of YouTube and other online sources. It was because of these online sources that MeechyMonroe was able to gather the knowledge and resources that she needed to confidently take on this new journey of rocking her Natural Hair; A journey that she often encourages others to explore!

It is with great pleasure and modesty that MeechyMonroe would like to invite all who can identify with similar interests, to join her blog and to unite with her as she embarks on this enlightening, self-seeking journey of personal growth.

Enjoy. ♥