Are You Happy?

Honestly, I can’t tell you there is a 100% sure way to achieve happiness and to become one with yourself. There isn’t. What I can share with you is a lesson that I stumbled across this weekend that gave me a bit of insight into the habits and rituals of happy individuals. Sometimes the simple steps that we make towards being at peace is all thats needed.

Step 1: Be Grateful – This statement sounds so simple but how many times have you complained about your situation after comparing it to others? This can leave a bit of an empty void as your feelings of failure or non-accomplishment can be the very thing pulling you in to a state of depression. Being grateful for where ever you may be in life is the most basic starting point for anyone. This allows you to feel comfortable with your decisions knowing that you are an individual that is capable of growing and being better. Never compare yourself to anyone unless it is yourself from previous years. Take pride in those steps and be thankful for where you are now.

Step 2: Be Optimistic – There is no better outlook on life than one that is positive yet realistic. It’s okay to look at the bright side of things, because you know what…that outlook may just be the driving force to get you out of your situation. Failure isa simply another opportunity to grow and learn from a situation and is not the end of the world. Allow situations to make you stronger while you are realizing any faults to do better.

Step 3: Be Forgiving – You must forgive…there is no simpler way to put this. Many times we are so stuck on what has happened in a situation with an individual that we also forget what can happen to us in the process. Harboring hate and ill feelings toward anyone can be extremely problematic to your well being. Negative thoughts and emotions can be toxic to your thought process and overall ability to truly love, forgive and most importantly live. Let go of past issues freeing up your mental space for clear, peaceful and happy thoughts. Forgive an old friend, co-worker or even a family member. It’s worth the efforts.

Step 4: Take Care Of YOU – Taking care of you is one of the most important actions that you can take. Mental, spiritual and physical health are all intricate factors of what makes up who we are and how we will perform in life. Take time to practice spiritually learning and knowing that there is a creator and a deeper purpose in life. Make sure you are able to focus with a clear mind that is open to learning and experiencing new things. Get active and allow your body to be at its peak for health and be able to feel good about YOU! In our crazy day to day lives one must carve out a portion of their day, everyday to make sure that you’re going to be okay.

Something to think about. No matter what happiness means to you…make it your personal quest to go out and capture it. Being happy is very important to our health state and well being. Want to live a longer and more fulfilling life? Try incorporating some of the tactics above.

Thanks for reading loves and have a beautiful and happiness filled week!


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    Love this post. I have been watching you all for a while and have seen you all progess and change into wonderful women. This was a very needed spiritual awakening for me, especially #4. I have just really started trying to take care of myself and trying to start self fullfilling and I have started on this journey with my YouTube channel and starting to explore myself past being a wife, a mom, and a sister. I have also started meditating and trying to self reflect on my day and interactions with others to better myself. Thanks for the reminder.

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