My 1 Year Anniversary – Remission


Wow! Today marks my 1 year anniversary when my life changed forever. Tax Day, I remember sitting down with my Mum over a bowl of gumbo at Cooper’s Hawk discussing my future plans, upcoming projects and diversifying my craft. From there we met up with my Aunt Felicia who was assisting me with a very [...]

Did My Hair Texture Change?


Contrary to popular belief, my post cancer hair texture did not change. Sure, its taking its time to grow back from my surgeries but it hasn’t changed one bit. Let me explain! Chemotherapy can cause huge changes in your hair texture or none at all. If you lose your hair during treatment, it may grow back [...]

But GOD…

Man, I have had the best and worst time during my recovery. It’s an ongoing process but it is one thats teaching me, leading me and bringing me closer to GOD. I’ve been pretty active on social media but I thought I would let you guys in on the details and the merciful hands The [...]

Curls For A Cause

Saturday night was magical. Our friends over at @TeamNatural_  teamed up with @cantubeauty to host a fantastic natural hair fundraising event to help me to cover the costs of my recovery. So many sponsors was involved (way to many to name) and the support was over flowing. Thank you all! Curls for a Cause at The [...]

Morgan Monroe – Cancer Warrior

Hello Dolls, I want to introduce you guys to my NEW friend that’s battling brain cancer as well. Its always nice to feel empathy towards another persons situation because your right there with them. I felt an instant connection with her and we so happen to have the same last name. This is her story. [...]