Cold Weather Cuteness!


To let you guys in on a little secret, I am super obsessed with comfortable yet trendy clothes. As many of you already know I live in the unforgiving Mid-West which for us means cold winters and amazingly uncomfortable temps. Like seriously, I’ve experienced so many below zero temps this cold weather season I’ve lost [...]


Ladies, I’ve been MIA and I send my apologies in advance. Things have been so hectic for me as I’ve taken on some major responsibilities AND have been in the process of creating/executing a new business venture with my sis Vaughn. Yes, you may have already heard but The Monroe Sisters are at it and [...]

I Went Thrifting!!!!


There are days when I have the urge to just get out and shop! Who am I kidding? That’s everyday if I had it my way. LOL. Today on my way home I passed my neighborhood Thrift Store and decided to peek in…convincing myself I’d only look. Well, here are a few items I ended [...]

RAW – 828 Collection


This Saturday my sister Vaughn and I hosted a great addition to the Chicago social scene presented by Go Team Natural and Refuge Chicago! The event was entitled RAW and the city can expect a series of extravagant and sophisticated affairs that display pure, simplistic, and RAW talent every third Saturday of the month this summer….hosted by [...]

Gold Rush Boutique


One of the great things about Fashion is the amazing variations one can have with simply adding pieces of jewelry and accessorizing. A simple statement necklace can make a bland little black dress more of a conversation piece by jazzing up the neckline and taking the entire outfit up a few notches. I wanted to [...]