Quick Saucy Dinner Idea


If there is one thing I love more than eating good is eating good on a budget and being able to prepare a tasty meal quickly. I’ve recently put a bit of energy into my meals decreasing my poultry and seafood intake to try fresher items and meat substitutes. While in Trader Joe’s I stumbled [...]



Okay, let me 1st start off by saying YUM! I would like to consider myself a self proclaimed foodie, and by this I mean I love trying all different types of foods from all over…pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. Ha! As of recently I have been a fanatic for the very [...]

Meatless October


I did it! I completed a full month of meatless meals and I feel great! This month has been a huge learning experience as I had to get acquainted with delicious yet fulfilling meal choices to carry out my plan to go meatless for October. This completely random decision has turned into an eye opener [...]

Soup Time


My current diet calls for tasty and inexpensive options to keep things fresh and fun for me while omitting meat for the month. I’m a huge “foodie” and must switch things up and try different things to be satisfied. One random day I decided to put together a take on one of my fav soups [...]

Vegetarian Grocery List


Since adopting a vegetarian diet for the month of October it is almost impossible NOT to pay attention to what you pick up and put in your mouth. I am so happy that this entire transition has really brought about a change in me that I can truly get used to. While heading home today [...]