Cold Weather Cuteness!

To let you guys in on a little secret, I am super obsessed with comfortable yet trendy clothes. As many of you already know I live in the unforgiving Mid-West which for us means cold winters and amazingly uncomfortable temps. Like seriously, I’ve experienced so many below zero temps this cold weather season I’ve lost count. But what I do love about cooler temps are creative ways to layer your look. Another little secret is that I am also obsessed with Pinterest. While perusing the site, well more like internet stalking for hours I came across these images that made me want to get up and go thrifting for a few of the hot ticket items to add to my wardrobe.

I am loving the oversized scarf look paired with an equally warm shrug. This look is giving me life!

So I’m totally digging tribal prints and poncho style sweaters/wraps. What a cute and innovative way to stay warm with the freedom of having your arms out. These look great with turtle necks for warmth and style and can also be paired with a super thick knitted scarf as shown here.

What’s cuter than a slouchy knit sweater and a pair of leggins or tight fitting jeans? Grab you a pair of riding boots and you are on your way.

Two trends that are hot right now are plaid prints and beanies. This young lady is serving both! And if you are brave enough to rock super high platform booties…please do. LOVE! ♥


Okay this look isn’t really Chicago winter friendly but it definitely deserves a mention. My warmer climate gals can rock this out. From the bun to the button up top, chunky chain to the shiny oxfords…this look deserves an A+.

This look is calling out to me simply because of the color involved. Deep cranberry colors are flattering on so many skin tones and I love how this look is paired with black and gold underneath. So edgy and simple…my faves! ♥

I am loving her oversized red peacoat. Sometimes you have to keep it super casual. Even though I own zero cool kicks I can appreciate this look. The only gym shoes I own are made for the gym…*hangs head low* I’ll get my cool factor up soon enough. ||Avid flats and heel wearer here||

Yes, this is going to have me heading out to a few of my local thrift stores immediately! To me, there is no better place to find oversized slouchy sweaters that are basically one of a kind. I’ll have to provide updates on what I find. :-)

So where do you live and how are you dressing this Winter?

Thanks for reading guys! Muah!


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