Dear Summer – Part I

I have been so busy that Autumn snuck up on me. It’s like I woke up one day and the leaves started to change colors and the temperatures began to drop.  But here we are days into the Fall which made me think back and reminisce. There was so much that happened within the ever so short months and so much I couldn’t share since I was uber busy with a transitional period in my life. However, I always bring my trusty Canon along with me and I pretty much document everything. Below I have a few of the simple things I got into this summer that didn’t quite make it to the my Homepage.

This summer I…

Experienced my Mum transform her yard into her little haven. My parents have always had a  knack for growing all sorts of things but this summer my Mother’s design turned into a reality as she was able to take full control over the design of the backyard. I enjoyed long days and nights chilling outdoors with freshly grilled food, cool drinks, and great people.

I moved into my apt and skype became my best friend. Since moving and being on my own I never noticed how much I would miss those that were the closest to me…my family. So whenever I had free time I would chat with my loves via skype esp my sis Vaughn who took the time to entertain my silly jokes, designs I thought of for my new apartment, and taking in as much chatting about Natural Hair as possible.

I straightened my hair and went to a wedding with my sis Kay. Surprisingly even in 90 + degree weather and 2 hours of showing out on the dance floor my hair stood up to the test of time. I was asked to accompany my older sis to an elegant and extremely touching wedding of a friend of hers. We had an amazing time and had an even better time after the reception having a bit of fun back at her house.


  1. says

    that green frog got me cracking up! absolutely love the pictures, Meechy. i could really learn from you about staying in touch with my family. they are clear on the other side of the world and i haven’t called them in at least a week smh @ myself lol


  2. Carmen says

    Hi Meechy, you and your sis look lovely, Please tell me what type of flat iron you used and what products you used to get your hair from frizzing up. My hair never stays straight when I flat iron it. Thanks in advance!

  3. says

    I love landscaping! My Father has his own landscaping business which got me interested in it. I remember the before and after pictures of beautiful transformations of flower beds, back yards, etc. Your Parents did a wonderful job on the yard.

    Skype is a lifesaver! I lived in Germany for about 5 years and discovered in was not only a free, but clever way of staying connected to love ones. The fact that you could see each other versus just talking on the phone.

    You look gorgeous as usual!

  4. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Hey dolls! Thx for stopping in.

    @Kola – Yes, my Mum is something else and that Frog made me chuckle a bit…I had to post it. :-) And yes lady, call your family. Where do they live?

    @Carmen – Thx hun bun! The flat iron I used was a Ceramic Revlon Iron. As far as my hair I deep conditioned the day before and used Soft Sheen Carson’s heat protectant serum designed to straighten natural hair. Hope this helps!

    @LaChristin – Thank you…my Dad has a Home Remodeling Business as well so he is very crafty. My Mum drew up her ideas and my Dad made it happen. And thanks again hun…you truly are the sweetest.

    @Brenda – LOL, you think? Hahahaha…it would be a trip let me tell you! :-)Def never a dull moment.


  5. says

    Even in a straight look your hair looks so elegant
    Love the look on you?
    Not sure if you discussed this already, but were were your straightening methods?


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