Dear Summer – Part II

In continuation of yesterdays post that wrapped up a few random and simple things I did during the ever so short warm months.

This summer I…

Was separated from my heart and best friend as he moved to STL for his career and school. As this was a huge decision for the both of us we’ve made the best out of it with frequent communication and at times over dosing on emails, texts, calls, and Skype and best of all…out of town visits. I had a blast on my visit and we sat back and enjoyed the uncomplicated things in life as we always have. One of those were visiting the St. Louis Zoo on a scorcher of a Saturday afternoon while enjoying each others presence.

I cut my gal pal Jes’s hair as she decided to rid herself of her permed ends and the weight of conforming for years. It was a decision that she came to grips with on her own and I was even a bit shocked but of course grabbed my hair cutting shears and eagerly got to work. This marks the third big chop I’ve done of my friends that were inspired to go back to what was originally given to them. Her pup Brian was there for support and Armani has a Boyfriend now…lol.

I hung out with those that light up my life on days that aren’t so bright…my family. I had a blast kicking it with my older cousin Tricey at her wonderful rooftop outing at the Wit Hotel in downtown Chicago for her birthday. Of course my entire family came out to have a great time…even my Mum. I can remember the night as if it was yesterday. Slightly cool breeze, Euro mix music and hip hop, delectable appetizers, and succulent Martinis.  The staff even lit the table side outdoor fire pits that topped off the ambiance.

As I bid my summer adieu I think back on all the awesome experiences that were granted to me, the people that I met, the times shared, and the simple/random things that I enjoyed most. In life be sure to appreciate all things and to take little tokens of happiness along with you no matter the occasion.

“Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories”

Thx for reading Loves,


  1. says

    Nice pictures! Time is so precious and you realize that more and more the older you get. This year I just turned 30 and it hit like a ton of bricks! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    I love your farewell to summer. When we discover that “Good Life” is based on spending days with those we love and those with like-mindedness, it can make our world complete. It sounds like you made that discovery.
    Live, Love and Laugh each and everyday!

  3. sandy says

    Any tips for doing your own big chop. For example, is it necessary to shape it up or just cut so that it is even around the perimeter?
    My hair is natural already but I’m ready to cut my fro down and I don’t trust having any professional with it.
    Thank you.

  4. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    @Kola – LOL it was a Hyena which I was terrified of. This pic made it look all cute and snuggly but this animal was bigger than what I thought and was too close for my comfort. :-o

    @curlyroache – Yes, absolutely!

    @Sandy – Hey girl, to be honest I am not 100% sure of shaping fros. I’m a bit more knowledgable on Big Chops since I cut where the perm stops. Normally the hair has grown out the same length all over so it’s pretty even. Trimming for a shape is where I leave it to the professionals. I’ll let you know if I find out any other info on it. ;-)

    Thx for reading Dolls!


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