Empire State Of Mind – Part I

I’ll be honest, my vacation to NYC was a tad different from all my other trips I’ve taken over the years. It was like all of a sudden I was engulfed in a different world jam packed with adventures and every corner held a new destination. I was intrigued and as tired and drained as I may have been initially flying into LaGuardia Airport I wasn’t going to let that stop me from checking out the city that never sleeps. Myself, Kay and Sheila dressed warm, comfy, and casual and headed out on my 1st day excursion around the city.

One of our very 1st stops was a place I’ve wanted to visit every since the Epic Home Alone movie where Macaulay Culkin roamed the vast and jam packed area as a young boy…Central Park. I love outdoor areas and Central Park was not short stopping on breathe taking views, scenic pathways, and one of the best places to “people watch”. LOL. Not only was the park full of lush trees and shrubs but people from all over running, jogging, picnicking, and simply enjoying life. It was a bit motivational for me and relaxing at the same time.

After walking several blocks through Central Park and into the city it seemed that I could not pass by a street without a fresh flower stand being present. How awesome is the option of buying colorful and at times exotic flowers before heading home. I absolutely love the fact that flower bouquets were so easily accessible and I completely fell in love with the taste of warm candied nuts offered by street vendors. I chose the almonds. Yummo!

Up next was the subway to take us to Brooklyn! I am so grateful we had Sheila to show us the way because those trains are no joke and one can easily get turned around. :-) After a long day of walking we developed quite the appetite and headed to the delicious and quaint SEA Restaurant in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

And of course what day would be complete without roaming around Time Square at 2 am??? Ha! Walking off the subway I felt like it had switched to morning due to how bright the lights were beaming down. It was nuts how jammed packed and lively the city was at such a late hour. Needless to say it was extremely active but very peaceful and safe thanks to the NYPD which I simply had to snap a shot of. The streets overflowed with Taxi’s which we were sure to hitch a ride in back to the Upper West Side to rest and prepare for Day 2.

Fun filled day but there’s a ton more to see.


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