Event Recap – Brunch With Eden

Hello GUYS!!!!!

So I know, its been a while and I apologize in advance for being away. Since the last time I checked in,  a ton of great things have happened and I’ve been all over the place. Most recently my sister Vaughn and I were involved with a very awesome event that’s been sweeping major cities for some time now, Brunch With Eden sponsored by Eden Bodyworks. Brunch with Eden has made pit stops in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Houston, Detroit, Charlotte and just recently the Grand finale in Los Angeles!  Many popular Bloggers/Vloggers have been involved in Eden’s event that brings women of all hair types together while eating delectable foods and discussing hair care within a comfortable environment. Needless to say we were very excited to have been a part of it all, meet so many beautiful women and to share our best hair care practices.

The Monroe Sisters Brunch With Eden was hosted at the swanky Aloft Hotel in Minneapolis Minnesota accompanied by a very large group of invite only guests. The sold out event gave local beauty and fashion mavens an opportunity to mix and mingle with Minneapolis’ finest while learning more about healthy hair care with EDEN BodyWorks’ new JojOba collection.

The second we arrived, I could feel an overwhelming positive energy from the ladies and knew that we were in for a treat. Check out some of the pictures that helped capture such a special evening with Eden Bodyworks, The Monroe Sisters and friends!

We just love the Eden Bodyworks team and had such an amazing time interacting with the guests. I love the fact that the brand is able to travel and reach out to several women with different textures, lengths, lifestyles and budgets bringing them together to discuss hair. Here we are in a few pictures with the ladies who made this all possible.

Great times!

Photographer: Mark Tweeton



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