Hair of the Day

Twisted Loose Mohawk

Hello Dolls,

While sharing with you all the hair of the day I also want to share with you someone who is extremely close to me…my fav girl Jes!

Jes would be the hazel eyed beauty in the back holding Armani. :-)

I’ve known Jes for a number of years and I remember when she was she was in High School and part of my modeling group’s teen program when I was a Sophomore in College. Even though this chick is a mere two years younger than me you would swear she was older. She is very mature and has a sweet loving spirit that no one can duplicate. The great thing is that Jes has now moved to the Chicago area and I couldn’t be happier. :-)

Get ready to see her a bit more often on the Blog as she is currently in the process of transitioning and I think she’s almost ready for the big chop…yay!  Her 8 months flew past and her hair has grown like a weed! She has already embraced her natural beauty and seems to be very inspired by those around her…the Monroe sisters and many others. I  have a lot of friends that are Natural now…isn’t it beautiful!?!?!?

Oh yea, Armani says hi too!

On this particular day we were headed out to a few backyard picnics so I wanted something that was low maintenance and would stand up to the heat as well. For my hair I went for a soft pinned mohawk-esque type of style on an elongated twistout I’d done a few days before. As I’ve shared with you guys on my older posts…the Elongated Twistout stretches and looks better as the days go on, normally hitting its definition peek by like the 3rd or 4th day. As always I twisted my hair originally with Cantu Shea Leave In and my Shea Butter Whip on freshly washed hair, retwisting each night.

I simply pulled the sides up loosely and secured them with a few bobby pins. For the hair that I left out in the front I placed bobby pins where I wanted the hair to lay down more or in a certain direction. I fluffed the hair in the back and that ladies…is how I achieved this look.

Thank you so much for reading!



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