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Pinned Up Curls♥

Hello Dolls,

While I’ve been away I’ve done quite a few things with my hair. I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite styles I’ve tried and how I sported my strands on several occasions.

On this particular day I was in dire need to figure out what to do with 3 day old wash and go hair. My strands were shrunken and I was getting tired of wearing it out and about. One morning I started playing around by re-wetting my mass of hair, adding gel and slicking my edges and rolling the back into a sort of corn roll using a handful of bobby pins. I left a bit of hair out in the front and added some water and a tad of oil for sheen and softness and also to break up the crunchy feel with the gel. Next I tied a satin scarf around the perimeter of my pinned hair for about 15 mins and that was it…I was ready to go.

This particular style lasted for almost a full work week as I made sure to wrap it up at night with my loose satin

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bonnet. I reapplied gel, water, or oil for sheen if necessary depending on how it looked that day but I will say this style was easy breezy to keep up, I was even surprised!

What do you ladies think? In what ways do you recycle old wash and go hair?

Thx for reading,


  1. Daphene N says

    Love this style. Question, what gel do you use to slick down your edges? I’m a natural and as you know, water based gels don’t work for all of us. For my hair, every gel I use that is water based starts of slick but by the end of the day my edges are a shiny frizzy mess. What would you recommended for edges to stay smooth throughout the day. I need something with no water. AAAH! Help….meeee (lol) too dramatic I know, but sometimes that how I feel.

  2. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Hi Daphene,

    I used the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel. This gel is water based I believe however when slicked and then pressed down with a tied satin scarf this really works. My hair would curl right back up if I didn’t use my scarf! I’ve only used Eco Styler Gel for slicking in the past 2 years. Just try it…BUT with a satin scarf right after brushing/slicking for about 15 minutes.


  3. jennifer says

    Hello Daphene,

    I soo like love this style and look!..what products do you use for curl pattern and for moisture? Thanks in advance..

  4. Pam says

    How do you maintain your wash and goes over night? Also can you explain a little more what you mean by “wash and go” I know it sounds self explanatory but does that mean you wash your hair and do not put any product in it after you’ve washed and conditioned it?

    • MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

      @ Pam – For my wash and go I simply put on a sating bonnet to preserve it at night. In the morning if it’s smooshed I may add a bit of water and shake. A wash and go is when you wet your hair, add products, shake, and go. When your curls are loose and in its natural curl pattern. I mainly use Eco Styler gel, water, and oil on my wash and gos.

      Thx for reading!!!


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