Drop DEAD Gorgeous

Halloween has to be one of my favorite times of the year. You can get dressed up and transform into just about anything. This Halloween my sisters and I wanted to all get together and have a little spooky fun. We met up at Vaughn’s place for a night to remember.

Whats Halloween without the treats, creepy decor, and costumes?

We wanted to do something a little different and decided to go with a gruesome costume this year and really get into the Halloween spirits. This is how my face looked before my complete transformation. I must warn you…this will not be pretty. LOL :-)

My sis Vaughn did everyone’s makeup and helped pull together our creepy looks of the night. Liquid Latex, fake blood, eye contacts…you name it and we used it.

Being made up to look like a zombie was amazing!!!!! We are huge zombie fans and have seen just about every zombie movie created. Here I am as a zombie bridesmaid that crashed en route to the wedding.

My Mom stopped by to see the transformations for herself. Needless to say she was a bit freaked out by it all but as a huge zombie fan herself she was impressed.

Vaughn was the blushing bride and her dress was awesomely creepy. Here she is in action doing her OWN makeup…this chick is skilled.

Makeup time on older sis Kay.

Here I am with Kay and the “Groom”Anthony(Vaughn’s Beau). I couldn’t stop laughing at Kay since she looked so mad even though she wasn’t frowning. Here she is with a relaxed face…hilarious!

Anthony and his Best Man Erick. I must admit…this photo even creeps me out!

The Zombie Bridal Party all dressed and ready to head out.

My favorite part of our costumes was being able to find such awesome dresses. We purchased each dress from Ragstock in Chicago which had an amazing selection and so many color options. The green colored dresses really stood out to me and fit perfectly.

My bestie Jessica came dressed up as the cutesie cowgirl doll Jessie. The main lady of Woody from the Disney movie Toy Story.

We had such a fun time hanging out in the city and the funnest part of the night was actually meeting other Halloween enthusiasts on the train on our way to the parties. I am a huge fan of zombies and it was great to have a chance to actually be turned into one for a night.

So…what were some of the costumes you Dolls decided on?

Thanks for reading and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


  1. cher says

    soooooo creative..not slutty like i saw everywhere lol..hallowwen isnt about getting naked but getting creatie like ya’ll

  2. Big Wil says

    I can’t believe how crazy my cousins are and that they didn’t let me get crazy with them! LOL. Love y’all……..to “DEATH”. LOL

  3. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Hahahaha…thanks guys! It was really fun to be turned into something so creepy for one night only!

    @Big Wil – Hey cuz! LOL..love you too. ♥

    Thx for stopping by guys!!!!


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