Hey ladies,

If you are a fashion fiend like myself you will definitely enjoy what I am about to share. In addition to sharing a fashion lovers past time I am also coming to you all asking for a bit of assistance.

I have a really good friend that is an amazing designer! He designed a complete line for my little sisters fashion show at Notre Dame and the crowd simply loved him! He’s a sweetie pie, he’s cute as a button, and has a heart of gold. He goes by the name of Garic Stephens and he is dope guys! Simply amazing.

My older sister Kay is actually looking to wear one of his original pieces for her B-day in July…yes he’s that good. Check him out below standing next to one of his models rocking his original designs.

My friend is in a design competition sponsored by Kenmore on FaceBook where the winner is measured by FB voting and participation. If you guys are interested please head over and show support to my friend and fabulous designer Garic Stephens by searching Kenmore Appliances in the search option on FaceBook and be sure to VOTE. The directions to vote and to watch the show are below. Pretty simple stuff and I’m so excited to help support Garic.

1) Search Kenmore Appliances on FB
2) Be sure to “LIKE” the page
3) Go the the left side and click on “BE A DESIGNER”
4) Enter your Email Address where prompted
5) Vote 5 TIMES for Stephen Curd!!!!!!
6) Click on “WATCH LIVE” where you can watch the designers in action!!!
And don’t forget to VOTE!!!

Voting is from 7:00 – 7:50 CST EVERY Thursday and you can vote up to 5 TIMES per email address.

If you are huge on Fashion this is an awesome way to catch up on what’s hot and new here in my city…CHICAGO. There are archived webisodes that are available as well so check them out! I will def be tuning in this week as well cheering on my buddy Garic.

Thank you in advance to all that will click the VOTE button up to 5 times for Garic Stephens..he needs our help!

Thanks again Loves…I’ll keep everyone updated on his progress.

*Crosses Fingers*


  1. adesuwa says

    Your beautiful curls are back and I am sure you missed them: ) Good luck to your designer friend in the competition. I am not on Facebook soooooo…. I can’t vote. I wish him the best, however. Does he have a website? I am curious to see his work!

  2. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Hi there…thank you all so much for supporting.

    Be sure to search Kenmore Appliances, like the page, go to “Be a Designer” to the left, enter your email, and vote for Stephen Curd up to 5 times!!! Yay I’m so excited. :-)


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