I Went Thrifting!!!!

There are days when I have the urge to just get out and shop! Who am I kidding? That’s everyday if I had it my way. LOL. Today on my way home I passed my neighborhood Thrift Store and decided to peek in…convincing myself I’d only look. Well, here are a few items I ended up with by only “looking”.

Printed Vintage Blouse – $2.56

P JK – Blue Label Blouse – $$1.56 (PJK Blue Label items are sold in SAX Fifth Avenue and can be quite pricey…STEAL!!!!)

Polka Dot Blouse – $3.06

Micheal Kors Canvas Button Up Top – $2.19

I am absolutely in love with thrifting. It’s literally one of my favorite past times and I’m always amazed at what I can find and the PRICES!!!! I love repurposing items and adding new buttons to liven up an old style. But its the old style that draws us in right? Anywho, thought I’d share my treasures and for some reason I have a feeling that I’ll end up in a thrift store again before the weekend is out. LOL


  1. Janine B. says

    I feel like I can never find good items like these. Maybe it’s the area I’m in =/ (Columbia, MO aka Middle of Nowhere) lol

  2. says

    What a score…I think you’d have a wonderful thrift store because of your sense of style. If you start one, let me know and I’ll shop there. Many people hate having to wade through stuff and it is one of the reasons why, particularly in NYC and other big cities, that the small personal, customized thrift stores survive. The markup is often 1000 percent and less work as people get to know you and then start sending you stuff. Go for it. Meechy’s Thrift: I’ll be the first one there.

  3. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Thanks everyone, that’s what I love most about thrifting…you never know what you’ll get.

    @ Tashelle – Thank you Love, my fav is the 1st one too!
    @ Janine B. – Have you tried to branch out to any surrounding areas or suburbs? Give it a shot, you may be surprised what you find. I’ve found some cool items in the middle of no where before. :-)
    @ Sandy – OMG you are so sweet. I love it so much, you never know.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.


  4. says

    I love your thift finds.i wish there was thift stores with good thrift finds with a thirty price here in N.O. Those items here would have probably been $5 or $8 at the most.

  5. says

    I really love tihrft stores. They have been a big help ever since I came to the USA. I have found so manny things that I have always wanted.I like to dress up and wear nice cloths .Iam always looking for unusual itmes, vintage clothings, or anything that looks nice! That’s why I always go to my local Thrif Town in San Fr ancisco, Ca, This store was actually the very first tihrft store that I’d ever stepped into in my life.It was an amaizing experience finding so manny things at such low prices.And one unique thing about Thift Town is that the have everything organized and categorized, which makes it easy to shop.I have so manny nice outfits from Thrift Town and I think Iam gonna enter the contest.Wish me good luck!

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