I would consider myself to be a bit of a “techie” in the sense that I am always excited to try new gadgets and make sure I am up to date with today’s hottest technology. I can’t say that I can always afford the newest and the best but a girl can wish right? LOL. So imagine my excitement when I was contacted by the good people over at Salom America Company to try out one of the most innovative and “cutest” phone chargers I’ve ever seen which just so happens to be affordable and of great quality!

Upon receiving my package I could not wait to open the box and check out what was inside. I was shipped an Andru travel phone charger in the “Chill” version and a USB cord to use for my iPhone4S. The cool thing about Andru is that he is able to charge any Android phone and can also easily switch to service Apple phones as well. You can use your own Apple USB cord or purchase one online along with Andru. I have an Apple phone but I am not brand loyal when it comes to phone accessories especially when they are THIS adorable.

Andru is available  in 3 cool color versions:
- Andru Original – Green with light up eyes (white:standby, blue:charging)
- Andru Dark Edition – Black with light up eyes (amber:standby, red:charging)
- Andru Chill – White with light up eyes (green:standby, blue:charging)

Andru also comes with 1 display stand so you can put him on display in an upright position when he’s not working & a 4ft. long micro-USB data cable with raised dot design to know which way is up when plugging into your device.  Andru also comes with a 2 year warranty which says a whole lot about his craftsmanship and overall customer service of the company.  If you are an iPhone user like myself then you can certainly purchase an apple USB cord along with Andru which would allow you to use it just like what was sent to me. Android users don’t fear as this device is enabled to work on your phone and comes with a charger cord. If you happen to live outside of the US, Andru is fully functional with the use of a proper adapter to plug him in.

The 1st thing that caught my attention was the super clever design of Andru’s body which is made to resemble the cute little Android robot character. His sleek all white frame and soft matte finish yields a sense of fun sophistication and looks as great as it is functional. Andru stands exactly 2.5 inches tall, has movable arms and even has little legs that plug into the wall or socket to get him going! When charging, my Andru’s eyes are light blue color and turns green once the device has fully charged to 100%. I sleep with my phone near my bed and at night the blue hue from Andru displays a light glow that acts a bit like a soft nightlight. When I wake up, Andru’s eyes are green and my iPhone is fully charged.

I am in love with the durability of this product and the fact that it comes along with a 2 year warranty. It’s small enough to transport all over with you and fit into a purse, laptop bag, or even your back pocket. Andru has become a bit of a conversation piece for me since I always have it nearby and everyone asks me where did I get such a cute charger?

The great news is that if you are interested in Andru, I am actually giving away 2 Original Version (Light Green) Andru Chargers to 2 LUCKY winners! Lets kick off March Madness the right way!

The simple rules to enter are below.

-          Like the Salom America Company Facebook Page

-          Follow Andru on Twitter

-          Comment on this post by simply typing   “Enter Me” in the comments section.

The contest will run from March 19th until April 8th at 12:00 AM and the winners will be announced on April 9th at 1:00 pm CST on my Facebook Page and Blog. Contest open to all US Residents and International followers. Contestants are allowed to enter only once as each winner will be selected at random. Good luck guys!




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