My New Protective Style

Chicago…what an amazing city full of beautiful skylines, diverse people, amazing events…and some of the coldest wind chills one can endure. With the cold comes dry hair and even though we haven’t received much snow yet here in the Windy City my hair surely gets the hint that the WINTER is here. If you’ve checked out my FaceBook Fan Page you are aware that I’ve been toying with what type of protective style to try…with natural hair there are so many choices!

I finally decided with the help of a few ladies and my love for no fuss hair. I started out with a good shampoo and conditioner using Original Moxie’s Get Clean No Foam Shampoo and the Intense Quench Deep Conditioner.

Right after every wash I always use conditioner to help detangle my hair without causing breakage. Once detangled I braid each section so once it’s rinsed I do not have to worry about it tangling up again. YES, I rinse my hair with the braids still in tact. If you would like to see more information on my wash routine please check out the video HERE.

So…for my style I chose….MINI TWISTS!!!! Okay, not so mini – Mini Twists are more like it.

I am completely in love with the versatility of this style and how easy they are to put in. I decided to make each twist a tad larger than usual to save a bit on time. These twists literally took me about 2.5 hrs and that was only because I was chatting with family, walking around, eating, watching the Chicago Bulls win over the Lakers…I mean I was multi tasking.

The awesome products that I used will not be revealed just yet. I would like to share with you all a review on the items along with a special surprise. :-)

So stay tuned Curlies and feel free to let me know what you think by commenting below.



  1. Dejanaire says

    Love them! I wish my hair was thicker because when I try to twist it doesn’t look as full.. Mine just look flimsy :( lol

  2. Molovefive9 says

    Awesome style! Question, how do you keep your twists plump after you sleep on them a night or two? Mine go flat.


  3. Keisha Powell says

    It’s so funny I just did mini twists a couple weeks ago and I put it in a similar style to what you have. Yours came out gorgeous! So lusturous and moisturized. Can’t wait to find out what products you used to do them. When I did mine I used Shea moisture curling smoothie, some coconut oil on my ends and a pinch of Eco styled gel so they would keep longer. Think I might do them again next week.

  4. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Aww thanks ladies. :-)

    @Molovefive9 – I basically just go to sleep with a satin bonnet on and that’s it. I’ve left my hair pinned up for several days now and it still looks like new. Minus a bit of frizziness around my edges but nothing too noticeable.


  5. Danielle says

    Did you use the beautiful textures curl control definig pudding? Your twists looks gorgeous!!! Just finished mine. Didn’t know what to do with them style wise so I would like to thank you for the idea.

  6. RuthE says

    I looove this look!! My hair isn’t thick so when I do braids or twists it looks like spaghetti :-( lol love this though! first time commenting. I just had to!

  7. Kimberly T says

    Mini twists are a great protective style. I can’t wait until my hair gets a little longer so I can do them. I can’t wait to find out what products you used. You hair is amazing as always!!!

  8. Ashley S. says

    Great minds! I put in my twists the day before Christmas and not only am I in love with them; I’ve decided that they will be my staple style for the upcoming year. I really believe that they will help me retain some length and give my hair a break. I think that next time I will try bigger twists because 2.5 hours sounds a lot better than 5+ :) looking good as usual :)

  9. Tammy says

    Happy New Year Meechy! Love the protective style!! Is that your hair or did you add hair?? I have a TWA that’s growing out and wondered if I could try the same thing.

  10. says

    I love it! I’ll be glad when my hair’s long enough to do that. Right now it’ll look mad strange, yo. LOL!

    Can’t wait to hear about what products you used!

  11. Nekema "Everella" Hunte says

    Meechy your hair has grown so long. #jealous the mini twists are YOU! I ♡ ♡ that protective style. ♡

  12. says

    I’m a month late on this post, but I love the up do that you did with your twist! Your progress is great also! I’ve been a YouTube subbie since the beginning.

  13. Keelii says

    Meechy your hair is BEAUTIFUL! You inspire me to be more creative with my transitioning tresses! Thank you for always bring the style, class and fabulousity to natural flair!

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