My Personal Barber

When you lose your hair to radiation…you get the Amber Rose. LOL. Recently, my hair covering my radiated area fell completely out. It’s going to grow back but I needed a cut it to even things up. I had a barber come over and gave me the cut of my life! My barbers name is [...]

High Fashion

I admire the ladies in this post. Sometimes, you want to be daring when it comes to fashion and just totally throwing yourself out there. You can always take chances by visiting your local thrift store and not spending an arm and a leg on items that are trendy. You can experiment with drugstore beauty [...]

Radiation and Chemo

I’m starting my week 4 treatments of radiation and chemo. You can have side effects although it is an effective treatment for many types of cancer. The side effects vary from person to person and with the type and location of cancer, the treatment dose and the person’s health. Side effects associated with radiation therapy [...]

TWA Inspriration

Is this what I’m going to have to look to when I grow my hair out?!?! DOPE! I can barely wait. The sleekness and the simplicity of the cut is so intriguing to me. Lupita is one of my all time fave hair inspirations, I love her hair. These pictures are beautiful and their is [...]

Head Tied

One of the best things to me about beign natural is that you can leave you inhibitions in the wind and literally try all sorts of styles with your hair. From the exotic picked out masterpieces to a simple wavy pony. Some days are going to be simple days for you but it no longer [...]