***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 7***


Hair Bling™ High Shine Pomade What It Is High gloss, solid oil pomade. Who It’s For Thick, normal to dry hair. What’s In It Mango Butter is an anti-oxidant rich emollient that not only provides long-lasting moisture but also protects hair from UV radiation.  Tucuma Butter is exceptionally high in Vitamin A and helps to soften and [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 6***


Oasis™ Moisture Gel What It Is An oil-free, highly-concentrated humectant gel that restores moisture to dry hair and activates curls and waves. Who It’s For Hair that is brittle, dry or  damaged by chemical treatments.  Also works great to add volume and moisture without weight to all hair types, including delicate, mature hair. What’s In It Sodium PCA, a [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 5***


Re-Wind™ Protein Treatment What It Is A potent natural protein treatment. Who It’s For Dry, porous hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments such as relaxers and permanent color. What’s In It Wheat Protein, which contains a unique hydrating complex that creates a protective film and helps to preserve moisture, works synergistically with Yeast [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 4***


Everyday Leave-in™ Detangling Conditioner What It Is A creamy detangling conditioner. Who It’s For Normal to dry, medium to thick hair. What’s In It Pumpkin Seed Oil and Shea Butter are excellent sources for Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. These two superstars of the natural world deeply penetrate the hair, making it softer, stronger and more [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 3***


Twist Mist™ Lightweight Shine   What It Is A lightweight spray oil. Who It’s For Thick, dry hair that needs a little extra shine and scalps that need natural oils to stay supple and healthy. What’s In It Evening Primrose Oil, rich in gamma linoleic acids and Omegas 3 & 6, feeds dry hair and helps prevent and [...]