***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 10***


Shape Shifter™ Re-forming Crème What It Is An elasticizing and moisturizing cream gel. Who It’s For Thick, straight hair that needs more wave and thick, curly or kinky hair that needs more stretch. What’s In It Jasmine and Tuberose Wax are natural plant derivatives obtained from the process of essential oil extraction.  Both are absorbed [...]

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***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 9***


Emollience™ Penetrating Moisture What It Is An penetrating oil treatment that restores the correct moisture balance to parched hair. Who It’s For Extremely dry hair that needs help to recover from harsh environmental conditions or chemical treatments. What’s In It Cupuaçu Butter, a thick, rich emollient packed with phytosterols, possesses a high capacity for water absorption [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 8**


Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo What It Is Gentle Cleansing for Normal to Dry Hair. Who It’s For Doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight – if your hair tends to be on the dry side OR if you have scalp issues such as dandruff or itchiness, this is the cleanser for you! What’s [...]

***Original Moxie Giveaway – Day 7***


Hair Bling™ High Shine Pomade What It Is High gloss, solid oil pomade. Who It’s For Thick, normal to dry hair. What’s In It Mango Butter is an anti-oxidant rich emollient that not only provides long-lasting moisture but also protects hair from UV radiation.  Tucuma Butter is exceptionally high in Vitamin A and helps to soften and [...]