Happy 21st Alex!!!!!


Man does time fly! Even though I’m sure my lil sis Alex will kill me for doing this but I definitely wanted to show a some love to the little angel in my life that if nothing else reminds me of what it means to be true to oneself and strive for excellence. Dear Alex, [...]

Think Pink


Me’Shell Nicole Jewelry is handmade with love and prayer by Designer/Founder Lamesha Ingram known to many as Mesha. Her styles are described as trendy yet unique, modern yet vintage with a touch of class and sophistication. Me’Shell Nicole Jewelry provides a wide range of fashionable pieces that are often referred to as statement pieces but that’s not all. She [...]

Here’s To The Weekend!!!


Ahhh…it’s Friday!!!! I am so excited to finish with my work week and jump right into my weekend being able to dress how I would like. Whether it’s comfy, casual, funky, relaxed or anything in between. Here’s to the weekend warriors out there. Enjoy. Awesome Source Have a great weekend guys, thx for stopping by!

What’s For Dinner?


As shared in a previous post I have decided to omit meat from my diet for the full month of October. I cut back on my intake of red meats prior to making this decision so the transition hasn’t been that bad only having to add poultry and seafood to my list of No’s. In [...]

Girls Night “IN” – Pamper Party


This past weekend my sister Vaughn and I decided to host a small gathering with   some of our favorite ladies. Instead of always heading out and listening to music while sipping martinis, having sushi with the gals, or heading out to see the new box office hit…this weekend we decided to stay in and have [...]