Totally Twisted Holiday Curls: @Alexnwunderland


Hi guys, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays first and foremost! Alex here with a highly requested tutorial on my totally twisted holiday curly afro I posted on IG recently. Now I don’t normally blog or make videos like my sissies, but I thought I would take a shot at a blog post tutorial for this [...]

Event Recap – Brunch With Eden


Hello GUYS!!!!! So I know, its been a while and I apologize in advance for being away. Since the last time I checked in,  a ton of great things have happened and I’ve been all over the place. Most recently my sister Vaughn and I were involved with a very awesome event that’s been sweeping major [...]


Ladies, I’ve been MIA and I send my apologies in advance. Things have been so hectic for me as I’ve taken on some major responsibilities AND have been in the process of creating/executing a new business venture with my sis Vaughn. Yes, you may have already heard but The Monroe Sisters are at it and [...]

Virginia Rewind – Curls For A Cause


Last weekend my sister MsVaughn and I traveled over 850 miles to join a very energetic bunch in Hampton Virginia at the Curls For A Cause Event. We’d been anticipating this trip for some time as we were scheduled as presenters to share information on hair, beauty and fashion as it relates to the upcoming Fall Season. We were [...]

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This past Friday big sis MsVaughn and I headed to the One Year Anniversary of a neighborhood staple…H-Dogs. The restaurant is located in the Bronzeville area on the lively corner of 47th and King Drive but is far from your average take out eatery. H-Dogs offers a series of gourmet options that both satisfy your taste [...]