Stepping Out

Hey Dolls…

On my way out and decided to snap a few pictures before I left. Hope everyone has a safe Friday night!


  1. says

    Hey sis!!! This is the lipstick that I want. The heavenly coral pleasure! LOL!! Please let me borrow it soon. Thanks, love you! Hope you have fun tonight. Take pics of the Lambo!! Ahhhhhhh lol


  2. bebe says

    Love your blog meechy. first time commenting. when are you going to start making youtube vids again, ormaybe blog videos. I love your hair-styles. xx

  3. MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe says

    Thx sissy. :-) @MsVaughn

    @Tameka…lovely name. ;-) I will try to do one…this style was super easy and done on a braidout.

    @Bebe Thx sweetie. I am trying to get some things in place for when I start posting videos again. Soon…I miss my YT family too. :-(

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