Hey guys. I wanted to check in and let you all know what I’ve been up to. More specifically what happened during my trip to Atlanta a few days ago. Well, where do I start? My sister and I were asked to take part in a project with Beautiful Textures that involved shooting for a feature in Hype Hair Magazine. Needless to say we were super excited and agreed to be a part of the fun. Not only am I a fanatic when it comes to trying out new hair products but I am also honored to have been considered for a magazine spread.

When I received the news that we would be rocking our hair straight in the shoot I instantly got excited. I have not had my hair professionally straightened

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since going natural back in 2009. Yes I’ve straightened it myself but I am no where near professional and I was super curious to know how my strands would turn out. Upon learning that we would be using the New Texture Manageability System…I’ll be honest. I was super skeptical and wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it just due to the initial thought of a product permanently altering my texture. So what did I do? What I always do…research. I called up Bloggers that had the treatment applied to their hair. Looked at posts on blogs and before and after reversion pics. I began to feel WAY more comfortable as this system is not a texturized or keratin treatment but a much more gentle way of coating the hair to help moisturize and ultimately make your hair easier to manage. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Here are a few pictures from the days festivities. Here I am getting my hair straightened and a much needed hair cut. I had to get rid of those raggedy ends.



I always love showing the before and after images. Hey why not? It really shows the true talent of the beauty team because HUNNY I looked like a new person! LOL! No really I loved the transformation. ♥


Here I am all dressed up and ready to shoot. ♥ This dress gave me life. It was so mod with the color blocked design and I loved the comfy fit.




It was so fun to hang with my sis and CharyJay again. We have been super cool since we first started blogging and it’s always nice to run into her and collaborate on projects. She’s so down to earth and such a sweetie. It was an absolute surprise to have worked with MoKnowsHair and ChimeEdwards as we were not aware of what other peeps would be brought in. These two were absolute Dolls and we totally hit it off from the beginning. It’s always a great thing when you can meet up with like minded people especially those that are in the same natural hair blogging space as you and its all positive vibes and love. Amazing times!


So lets hear it. Have you ever tried this product? I can’t wait to share the details on my reversion process and my overall experience with the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. Stay tuned for more hair details and pictures!





  1. Jae says

    After seeing you and your sister’s result I decided to purchase the system today. I’m a little nervous but I’ve watch several YouTube videos as well so I’m going to give it a try tomorrow.

  2. Jenny says

    Hello just first off want to say i love your Blog and everything you do….. I wanted to know where i can purchase the TMS system in Chicago. I’ve tried a few Walmarts including the one by Midway but didn’t find it anywhere.

  3. Amanda b. says

    Hi, I watched your story on your sisters YT page and it touched my heart. I don’t know neither of you but I believe God had me watched the post for a His Divine purpose to be manifested in your lives. I believe this because I watch you sisters posts frequently but never took the time to watch the Video she had posted about you until today. Please, I know this might sound weirded but if you have faith in the finished works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this would be the beginning of your new life. Please tune in and, I am very sure that your lives will never be the same again… EMMANUEL.TV (Please type this website into your browser just as is) and by your faith our Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ will set you free from any chains of sickness and disease that the enemy might have used to connect you to himself. Our Lord only requires one thing JUST BELIEVE and YOU SHALL RECEIVE, Amen! Money I don’t have, but what I have to give is worth more than all the money and riches of this world and that is the name JESUS!!!


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