Twas The Night Before…

Well sort of..

I’m up finishing packing and getting prepared to leave in a few hours to head to the airport. Getting up at 3:30 AM is insane and I can’t come to grips with leaving so early. Maybe that’s why I am still up past midnight. Yea…Ill regret this tomorrow…but I’m sure my energy will take me to the finish line.

Packing can be pretty tedious but I’ve created an art out of it. Since I am a visual person I lay all my things out on the bed and add to it as I go. I grab jewelry, shoes, additional layers etc all while building the visual statement I would like to make.

Of course I packed a fitted little striped number for my B-day that I picked up from Arden B. In case I failed to mention I’ll be celebrating my birthday on April 29th as well. Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

All done…*deep sigh* Good night Loves.


  1. Juana says

    Hey MeechyMonroe: I am a fan I must admit, even though I am 10 years older than you. Your youtube channel caught me by surprise. I went natural to support my sister who was suffering from leukemia. I cut my hair a little after her hair started coming out from the chemotherapy treatments. I am also from Chicago and my sister was in graduate school with your sister Kay. Keep up the good work! I am a Monroe sisters fan, One “Moore” fan Lol. Yall girls doin it. Juana Triplett

  2. Carmen Casey says

    I hate that I missed the the event Thursday night, with the Monroe sisters involved I am sure that it was great, can’t wait to see the pictures. Hope to see you at the hair show.

  3. caramelnaps25 says

    Meechy you have some fab stuff laid out here! I’d love to see some more pics of these fits! I loved the dress you wore at the meetup Thursday!fabulous! Though I am older I am looking to rock something similar for my bday! Pics please:)

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