Two Is Better Than One

How many of you went Natural and a few or our friends decided to give it a try once they saw your results? How many of you have that dope friend that when you guys go out together its like a walking

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hair show and everyone asks questions about the hairstyles for the both of you?

We already know that Natural women seem to gravitate towards one another in public if its nothing but a simple hair compliment. Do any of us have that Natural Hair friend,cousin, sister that together you guys are unstoppable??? While browsing the net I ran across these, decided to share.

Sources : Here and Here

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  1. says

    I wish I had that dope natural friend…it’s just me lol whomp whomp

    side note: the style of the chicks in the first photo is FIERCE!

  2. donna says

    I don’t know if anyone went natural because of me, I think most of my friends that went natural after me were already there in their minds to do it.

    However my daughter who has been natural since birth(of course LOL meaning she hasn’t had any relaxers), influenced a friend of hers in Elementary school to go natural. I don’t think she is still natural and if she is, she’s not wearing her hair out just braids and straightening it, and I was disappointed that her mom didn’t really learn how to care for it. I’d offered to teach them how to wash her hair and different styles to do plus she was suppose to have me do her hair but never came through so it often times looked dry and matted on her head yet I think she still liked it and I loved that my daughter was able to influence her in that way, especially since many kids her age, today even are looking for that 1st relaxer and she influenced her to do just the opposite.

    On another note I did have dinner with some friends in NYC and all of us at the table were natural except for two people. One got an honorary notice because she only relaxes 3 times a year LOL but the other was like apologizing for not being natural and we were like chile please this is all in fun and her hair was really cute and the naturals there were so varied from women with locs to women with curls to women who flat ironed their hair, I really enjoyed it and love when I look up and most of us just so happen to be naturals.

  3. caramelnaps25 says

    Loving the pics! One of my besties went natural because I did and I’ve converted a few since then. I went natural because my husband’s cousin went natural. I started talking to her and a few of my sorors. I had a lot of thinning going on:(

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