Update and Easter Eggs

Hello Curlies,

I do apologize for being away. I have been extremely busy with a few things. For one my sister and I are wrapping up the finishing touches on our event on April 28th!!!!! The Monroe Sisters Meet and Greet is this week on Thursday and I am past excited. For those of you that have pre-registered and will join us in ATL I can’t wait to meet you all and I am more than ready to have a good time.

In addition to getting things together for the event I am looking for a place. I’ve been apt searching for a while now and I have narrowed down my search to a few places. I am ready to decorate my place and have a few design ideas in mind that I can’t wait to share with you all.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Easter Sunday. Sunday service was amazing and my family and I are just about to have Sunday dinner. My little sis Alex is home for the occasion and I always enjoy our time shared. Here are a few pictures of myself, my shrunken wash and go(yay its warming up here in Chicago), my ring that reminds me of an EGG, and my little twinkee Alex. Happy Easter guys!

Love you guys (Muah ♥ ) and enjoy your day.


  1. nicole says

    You ladies look so pretty and I love your sis necklace!! and congrats on moving out it shld be fun living on your own under your own roof, I am also looking for my own place so im always happy when i hear someone else is getting their own place, i like to be happy for others accomplishments

  2. caramelnaps25 says

    I am loving that ring, but your sister’s necklace OMG! Where did she get that? I wnat one of those!

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