W.I.N.G.S. Speaking Engagement

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to reach a group of people that I haven’t had the chance to speak directly to since I’ve become a Blogger. I’ve presented to large groups of women from all over the country on topics such as natural hair care, healthy hair care techniques, style, beauty and overall self esteem. I enjoy speaking to parents and allowing them to understand their texture as I feel they are better equiped to not only take care of their own hair but also the hair of their children or future offspring. However this opportunity was different, I was actually able to connect with the youth and I couldn’t have been more excited! I was contacted by the Emmaus Community Center through the W.I.N.G.S Organization to come in and speak to their youth group ranging from ages 11 through 18. I was super stoked to be a part of their monthly event, “Hot Wings and Hot Topics” and  I instantly thought back to when I was once part of that age group and how grateful and excited I would have been to have had the opportunity to learn about my hair and how to truly take care of it.

The first thing I thought while preparing my presentation was the attention span of young women so I made sure to gear my topics towards things that were meaningful to their age group as well as information that would  be important for them to know. I spoke heavily on issues such as hair care, growth and overall style maintenance as most of the general audience members were old enough to actually care for their hair themselves. It was nice to assist the younger generation helping them understand the texture that sprouted form their heads and also have the opportunity to speak to the parents who were also in attendance. The crowd was super attentive and participated greatly with questions and comments which completely warmed my heart! Such a great group of young ladies.

Of course my family came out to support my 1st solo speaking engagement. My sisters Vaughn and Kay were excited to support me as well as my Aunt Felicia that also served as my hair model. The teens loved learning about different ways to stretch your natural curl pattern with twist and braids and the demonstration brought it to life as I talked about products to use as well as the technique of flat twisting out. The girls were also happy to learn that I did not come empty handed! I brought along with me a few Giveaways and full size products to share. Our online Boutique StyleQueue.com donated a few items as well and the ladies were ecstatic about winning a pair of nerd specs along with a few nail colors and style cards. :-)

I was overwhelmed by the actual response from the group and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to stand in front of such an inquisitive and positive crowd. The young ladies who participated asked so many questions and allowed me to learn a lot about their specific hair needs as it relates to a young growing population that are simply needing the information presented to them. After my presentation was over I had one of the young ladies walk up to me and ask about the flat twisting technique in full detail. She stated that she is all natural currently but now she actually WANTS to wear her hair in textured styles due to the information that she learned. At that moment, I knew that all the time and energy put into preparing the presentation was absolutely worth it and I did what I set out to do. Give them the information that is necessary and support their decisions either way, but at least they are informed.

Special thanks to the Emmaus Community Center for having me!


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    Hello Meechymonroe. Just had to take a minute out of my day to let you know how much you’ve inspired me. I recently discovered your YouTube videos while searching for hairstyles for natural hair. I was actually mesmerized. Your hair is so beautiful! When I think of healthy, natural hair this is what I think it should be. But I am also impressed with you. You’re spirit is pure & it shines through! Keep doing what your doing, you truly have a gift.

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