Wet Paint Chicago

Last night a few of my girlfriends joined forces for our Girls Night Out. I’ve been super close with these chicks since college and love them to pieces. I always look forward to our monthly outings as we are able to catch up and get together even though we are all very busy day to day. I was particularly ready for this months outing since we decided on something a bit different than a pamper day, dinner or shopping. Since we all love the arts and consider ourselves to be quite creative we were very excited about taking a painting class at Wet Paint Chicago!

Wet Paint is a wine and paint studio in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. Each session has an instructor, music, BYOB bottles of wine and of course you choice of an acrylic painting to replicate. Just bring a positive attitude, your favorite vino and your friends for a fun time to remember…Wet Paint supplies everything else. From the canvases, to the paint, aprons even wine glasses! My girls Juana and Donnie were just as excited as I was as we waited on our friend Ashley to arrive.

Each of us brought one of our favorite wine selections to sip as we got our “Picasso” on. I opted for a red blend and Juana brought a specialty wine from her recent vaca in Mexico which was delish! We also had a few other guests to help make the night a success.

After some girl talk and wine sipping we were ready to get down to business. Each participant receives the “inspiration painting” on a card and you are giving your supplies to go right in. The instructor is open to answering all questions and had no problem showing brush stroke techniques to assist those that are more so novices. Regardless of your skill level creativity is encouraged and art is in the eye of the beholder anyway…so we really just set out to have a good time.

Well, care to see the final results? Here I am with my masterpiece that I can’t wait to hang up in my place. :-) Fun fact…when I was in High School I enrolled in an AP Art Class where I produced over 30 pieces of art work all revolving around the human eye. Weird I know, but it allowed me to show so many interpretations of something we see out of and look into on a daily basis. I used several mediums but acrylic paints had to be my favorite. I’m not sure why I stopped painting after college but this little trip has definitely gotten me more in tuned with my creative side.

Here’s the instructors almost finished painting along with a few of my class favs. Excellent right?

Collectively, I’d say we did a great job! It was a bit more challenging to complete two canvases in under 3 hours when you are chatting and drinking may I add…but our results were awesome!

If you are looking for a place to visit on a first date, group outing or even a place to take your children(minus the alcohol of course)…Wet paint Chicago is it! The staff is super friendly and professional and the vibe within the space puts you in a relaxed and creative mood. You never know what you can create until you try.

Wet Paint Chicago
1200 W. 35th Street
Suite 214
Chicago, Illinois 60609

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    This is definitely my kind of fun : ) I wish there was something like that here in Virginia..I’ll have to do some research to see. Love the fact that they incorporated wine into the mix…I love wine! Great photos Meechy, you look so pretty!

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